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Eso Akunne 6'3 Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard
This kid is a load to handle. Can do a little bit of everything out on the court. Good rebounder and scorer. Putting up good numbers against good competition. Very thick and strong player. He is a very good grab for Michigan who could turn out to be a stud. Lets see how far he can take his now class B AAGR team.
Doug Anderson 6'5 Kalamazoo Central
The most athletic player this state has seen. His vertical is ridiculous. He is the definition of a crowd pleaser. Puts up solid numbers in points and rebounding. The best dunker in the state. A very explosive athlete. The young man is not human! Can he finally take K-Zoo Central somwhere in playoffs? Not Commited.
Donnavan Kirk 6'9 Detroit Country Day
Very good finisher and has very bice post moves down low. His post play is one of the best in the nation. He has been able to control teams down low to guide a very strong DCD team that could win it all in class B. Capable of hitting small jumpers. Still has loads of potential. Commited to Miami (FL).
Shane Moreland 6'2 Flint Powers
Underrated player w/ a high basketball IQ. Has scored double digits in over 50 games in a row against very hard competition! He is the smooth shooting leader for a tough now nationally recognized Powers team. Fun player to watch. Unselfish player who knows how to find the open man. Most of the games he's played in have been blow outs, so his minutes per game efficiency is off the charts. Not commited.
Derrick Nix 6'9 Detroit Pershing
Huge kid with good hands. He is very strong and crafty around the basket. Some games, there is no stopping the kid! Great finisher. Plays against good players day in and day out. He is the anchor for a tough Doughboy team. He causes mismatch problems. Has the ability to become something special. Nix and Appling could make up the best duo on one team in Michigan. Michigan State commit.
Ben Simons 6'7 Cadillac
Nice shooter with exceptional range. Has a smooth all around game. He can drive and take advantage of his opponents or step back behind the arc and hit the 3. Very versatile player who can put up big numbers. Also, can cause mismatch problems. Puts up sick 30+ games! He maybe the fans favorite to win it. Drake commit.
Dion Sims 6'6 Orchard Lake St. Marys
One of the top two sport atheletes in the nation. He makes up a big portion of OLSMs team. Stop him, beat OLSM. He can do it all whether its shooting, dribbling, rebounding, playing defense. He is a stat filler. He is 6'5 so his body fends off the weaker defenders. Look for him to maybe play both sports in college. Commited to Michigan State (football).
Jamie Stewart 6'4 Clarenceville
One of the most entertaing players in the state to watch. He is very athletic and versatile. Can put up sick numbers in every categorie on every night. The heart and soul of Clarenceville. 20+ scorer that grabs boards and plays on the defensive side also. Sick athlete. Top 5 runner fo the award. Not Commited.

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